SR Unique Wear is a one-stop shop for all the fashionable styles we provide on various products ranging from Business wear, Ready to wear, Evening gowns and Casual.
We provide our high-quality products to our local resident's community as well as all around the US and some international countries such as the Caribbean and Europe.
Our customers are also able to purchase through our online shop.  Our target is to become the best fashion ready to wear clothing line which will initiate our online store and in the near future our shop boutique. Consumers range from 18 years of age to 60+years of age because Unique Wear wants to make a woman feel beautiful and empowered in an affordable manner. At Unique Wear our clothes are made to fit your body we will not have you fit into our clothes. We have seen many products, and we have seen how specific measurements are not consistent towards certain body types. So, we found a way to stay real to our customers by understanding all bodies are different and planning for it, so you are dressed to the nines!  
We have also noticed how Plus sizes don't have the same themes and style for regular sizing.
    My brand is casual glamorous and ready to wear with all sizes of woman in mind from woman with hips to woman with bust we clothe everyone.
Coming soon Unique Wears Street Fashion!

   SR- Needle-Creation design Lab is where you can express yourself and dress uniquely in all kinds of styles. We have a unique way of style, no matter your size or taste.  we are here to be your inspiration and custom Design lab. SR- NEEDLE _Creations specializes in all handmade items such as   Crochet Accessories and Clothing for those who like a custom design, and all handmade looks for the winter, fall, spring and summer to warm your spirit with a hint of glamour while wearing one of our signature hand-made Hats, Scarf, Neck Warmers, and even Blouse Sweaters and Skirts for all your looks and style.

Our company is where colors, Fabric, and scissors become one component ... Designing your distinctive fit and Unique style makes us the Best Choice for your fashion needs let our unorthodox approach be the statement you need to set you apart from the rest.

Unique Wear has a Team of designers that work hard to make sure you are Happy and Satisfied.
We create glamour for woman of our era who owns her looks because she is a force of nature no matter if you are a single mother, a daily worker in the office, or a fashionista, or even a Boss you will always be and look beautiful, Glamorous and stylish with our designs. The beauty inside you will always shine through no matter the place, the season, or the day of the week.  our Design is simple and Chic. They are for any occasion it will make you a Super Nova among the stars.  our team puts together the Best Design of the season so our customers, new or old, can benefit from our unique style!  Unique Wear is for everyday women's Creations that leave women feeling empowered in our ready-wear outfits.