Shey Roquez
I am the designer of SR-Unique Wear.  I am the creative mind of each design of Unique wear. I come from the tropical island known as the Dominican Republic, I was born in November of the year 1978-in Santiago a town in the Dominican Republic, where everything is a cool and colorful land with a bold bright community, where I could mix the colors with fabric and make a sensation in fashion. I love being creative and spontaneous with each creation for the Unique Wear line. The ready to wear, the sexy, glamour the simplicity of each style is the presentation of the body of a woman that will convert her into the fierce tigress who can own the world. 
Here is where I give a gift of to all the women of our era that want to feel that they could dress like those famous top models and be a simple mother, a hard-working woman or just being your true self. Each one of our ladies should feel glamourous beautiful and unique in their own special way. I base my creation for those women that they are plus size not because you are plus size but because you could be skinny and have curves. So that being said beautiful women of all shapes and sizes could find the beautiful style and affordable prices on unique wear. Being creative allows me to give you the beauty and style you need to be the best version of your true self. So, get comfortable cause we are here to stay with all of you ladies who want to feel unique and fierce bold and beautiful.

Jheylanis Guerrero
Lillian Soto
My role in this merry band of three is to offer all of the designs they think of through all platforms add the new inventory keep us on track and within budget when I met the designers, they had this dream to get their art out to consumers and I had experience running a business and together we have built an empire which will allow for generational wealth because we figured out that our dreams take time money and effort but once realized even our children will  benefit from this, as it should be so welcome to SR UNIQUE WEAR!